It is necessary to go back until the sixties to understand the history of the company. Following a trip to the United States, or father was inspired by their coffee trucks and undertook to introduce the first Coffee truck in Quebec, setting up his road in the industrial district. Subsequently, the latter sold the road and launched into the coffee truck factory.

The company has evolved in the field for more than 55 years. By innovating and upgrading its manufacturing standards. The torch of innovation was conveyed a few years ago to one of his sons.

In order to fully understand the projects linked to the company, it is necessary to describe what a Coffee truck is.

Definition: Small, specially equipped truck that runs through a distribution circuit to provide a fast food service.

This vehicle is driven by cantiniers, who for the vast majority are self-employed. They each have one or more roads (delivery territory) where they mainly serve industrial districts and construction sites. Guests can choose from hot or cold meals as well as snacks, desserts and beverages.


The activities of Frank metal and brothers is distinguished by the manufacturassions as well as the maintenance of coffee truck (mobile canteen).


Description of the company’s activities

The activities of Franc metal and Brothers is thus distinguished by four parts:

1st: Coffee truck (Mobile Canteen)

  • Coffee truck manufacturassions
  • Coffee truck maintenance

2nd: Coffee machine

  • Percolator coffee machine on 12 volt

3rd: Lightning system LED LOCK HOLDER

  • Patented LED strip light holder LEDLOCKHOLDER

4th : The Canadian advertising campaign