Our custom LED
In a cube
In a van
For kitchen
for working space
In a Service truck
W model
For Kitchen
Flat double model
Flat sigle model
On a sing panel



We invented lightning system based on revolutions strip Led holder patented in US and Canada.

We also redesign the Led strip light to include voltage regulator, adapted for high truck voltage alternator. We also add thermoregulated silicon, food grade, made only for us.

The LED LOCK HOLDER is the new way for ligthing your catering box and much more.

Led lock holder is to the LED strip what the lamp is to the bulb.
We have developed a range of 4 type of LED strip support our products is simple and effective.
We offer two variations of our product assembled ready to install or in pieces
You only chose your model as well as the length from 1 to 16 feet. Then you just have to secure the holder in place and connected the LED to the power source.
In pieces:
Simply insert the LED light strip on the base of the holder and add the second part that secures everything in place, you only have to secure the whole in place.
The advantages of our supports
• Easy to install.
• Length up to 16 feet (5 meters) per section.
• Straight line that follows the curves of the wall or other surface.
• Single or double for more brightness.
• You can easily replace the light while keeping the stand in place.
• Our supports have been designed and manufactured here in Canada.

• Very low energy consumption (12V 1.5A for 16 feet of LED)